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What Ever Happened?

So one of my best friends and I are roommates. Yay... right? no wrong. I thought it'd be wonderful and for the most part it is, except for the fact that for the most part I'm a fairly nice guy, and he's a completely self-absorbed ass. You see... it seems like I'm always living in his shadow, art class.. he gets better grades for pieces of shit, and I get shitty grades for good projects. He spends about an hour per project, and I'll spend 3-7 hrs per project. I don't get it. He's always the hott one, every girl wants to suck him off, I couldn't get a girl to act interested in me so long as they know he exists. Seems like I'm always fucking living in his shadow. I feel like the whole world is like "oooh, look how much better he is than you, adam!" so FUCK YOU ALL! Tonight I had been in the room for probably a good 30 minutes, just chillin, playing some FFR (www.flashflashrevolution.com) I was bored.. so what? Anyways, he walks in, gets on his computer and turns on his music.. like my music isn't important, or maybe, just maybe, I'll put headphones on like I always do. But no, not this time I just turned up my music louder and he turned his up louder. I'm thinking wtf!? He just walks in and expects everything to be his way? Hell no! Another example of this is if I'm in the room, and I have no lights on, he comes in, *BOOM* all the lights are on, all 6 ceiling florescent lights, glarring into my eyes. We have fucking lamps, you can turn those on asshole, they're still bright, but not like the fucking sun. Well I suppose that's enough off my chest. Sometimes its just like FUCK YOU.
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Well you dont need to take that shit. Instead of just sitting there, taking the abuse. Tell him, look asshole, you might be my friend, but if you wanna treat me like shit, I'll rape your fuckin mother. TWICE. You're art is way better than his, so he can lick my over-sized elephant nuts. Now if you think about it, this guy is selfish as hell. If talking doesn't work, show him what you mean. Destroy something of his and tell him, if you fuck with me again, I'll kill you in your sleep and send your body to your family via FED-FUCKIN-EX. As for girls liking him better...who cares about girls. FUCK them all. They want nothing but the guy with money, the guy who DOESNT care, and the guy with the smallest dick. So in reality, we fuckin pwn, and well...they dont. Its not worth the heartache you get from it. You're a nice guy, I know that. Same as me...the girl runs to you when something is wrong...asks you for things...but then when you want something in return, even something little...you get shat on. Well this guy sounds like he needs to get beat down. Here's a little plan ive come up with for you. While he is sleeping, put his hand in a nice cup of warm ACID. Yeah, acid. Burn his fuckin hand off so girls wont even think about coming near the handless bastard. If you thought his art was better than yours...it wont be now. HAH...After you take away his hand, you'll probably get separated...when you do...go to his house, *not his room* walk around...take pictures...then fuck it up. Do this after you've strapped his parents to their bed. After which, you proceed to pour acid down their throats and take pictures of them dying. Send them to him. Problem solved...its just that simple.

On a more serious note...talk to him, and if that doesnt work, beat the living hell outta him until it does.
thanks buddy, you always know just what to say don't you? ;)

you = greatness in my book
Thats how I know always what to say...im God...now...I command you....umm...make me some pancakes.
Stepmania > FFR.

Put leeches on him as he sleeps, let nature take it's course, and the laides are yours!!!
excellent suggestion.. *goes about looking for leeches* :D

and I do like stepmania.. just too lazy to go about downloading.
Fuck that unrespectful asshole. Seems as if he just keeps you around so he can think he is improving his own image. Do NOT take his abuse, tell him off, he wont do anything, hes a pussy. Kick him in his nuts, HARD, that way his ddinger-ladder wont function anymore. Or superglue his captain winky to his chest. Watch him piss standing up. Dumb fucker! Girls really are idiots arent they.
excellent suggestion.. haha. Thanks for the support and great ideas :) unfortunately my mind is on something else at the moment, see my most recent post.