B3yond Sh3lt3r (b3yond_sh3lt3r) wrote in mftd,
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Help Me!

If anyone knows what these numbers could mean, if they look like some sort of sequence, if you have any possible idea please let me know. A good friend of mine ran away last night, and no one knows where she is.. she cleared her buddylist, and left the following away message up:


It's Cold


if you know what those numbers could mean, or that away message I need help. please. here's all i know. she left to go driving last night. when she left her away message said something about driving on the highway, at 100 seemed like a short poem about what she was doing... nothing really weird or suicidal in it. She goes to the cemetary alot to think, its been snowing there so if she were there all night, she'd possibly have frozen by now. I don't want that to be an option. just telling you what I know. please if you can help
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